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Introducing the MyStage Karaoke app with karaoke songs available in Tagalog, Ilocano, Hindi, and more

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Be your own star and set your stage with MyStage®

Unlike most karaoke songs out there, MyStage songs are made by our own professional musicians. With over 20 years of music making experience, MyStage provides you with clear sounding music and top rated sound quality. MyStage is superior to all other YouTube based karaoke app. 

MyStage provides the highest quality MIDI karaoke songs for all of your karaoke desires. Karaoke now and enjoy endless hours of karaoke fun with access to our immense music database. Plug in your headphones and experience the greatest solo karaoke app. 

CONNECT AND COMPETE WITH OTHER SINGERS WORLDWIDE with the MyStage App. Watch your score rise while you sing with our live-scoring system! Sing over 250,000 karaoke songs in English(pop), Korean(K-pop), Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, German, Thai, Russian, Turkish, and Mongolian. New songs are updated on a weekly basis for you to sing all your favorite new songs.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR KARAOKE EXPERIENCE by adjusting the music volume, melody, echo, tempo, and key. Control and adjust musical instruments and enjoy the MyStage real-time musical notes feature. The music notes will display on the app for you to follow, play, and practice all of your favorite songs. 

MyStage karoke app allows you to organize a singing party by auto-playing added songs from your favorites playlist. It’s fun and easy to use. Be a star at the party!

✪ Tailor your music by adjusting the music & mic volume, melody, tempo, key, and voice
✪ Control, customize, and adjust instrumentals of each song (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drum, String, and Brass)
✪ Adjust the melody volume in the mixer and use it as a vocal guide to learn how to sing!
✪ Easily find and reserve songs by typing or searching with voice recognition
✪ MyStage karoke app will score your singing and let you compete with singers in the world. Enjoy the singing games with your friends and family.
✪ Romanization for Korean and Mandarin song lyrics makes it easy for you to follow and sing along
✪ Music sheets are readily available for you to use and learn to sing your favorite songs
✪ Create your own playlists and save all your favorite karaoke songs with lyrics
✪ Perfect for solo karaoke and for kids to sing along
✪ Enjoy the best karaoke singing machine with Magic Sing

Songbooks includes over 250,000 karaoke songs: 

12,000+ English songs
40,000+ Korean songs
16,500+ Filipino songs
16,000+ Spanish songs 
25,000+ Vietnamese songs
34,000+ Japanese songs
30,000+ Mandarin songs
16,000+ Hindi songs 
13,000+ Bengali songs 
11,000+ German songs 
17,000+ Thai songs
12,000+ Russian songs 
13,000+ Turkish songs
12,000+ Mongolian songs
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Introducing the MyStage Karaoke app with karaoke songs available in Tagalog, Ilocano, Hindi, and more