Magic Sing | Karaoke App | Sing and dance to over 200,000 songs

Connect your device to the Internet to automatically access 10,000+ English songs. MyStage app is specifically designed to be compatible with the new Magic Sing devices (E1, E2, and E5) and we HIGHLY recommend for users to use the MyStage app.

  • Local Customer Support
  • Faster Stream Service
  • Frequent Music Updates
  • Better Value


EnterMedia officially released their first Magic Sing branded online streaming karaoke app which features over 200,000 songs in English, Tagalog, Spanish, Korean & much more!  

Download the free Magic Sing Karaoke app and sing endless hours of karaoke!

Purchase the new Magic Sing E-1, E-2, or E-5 device and access to the 10,000+ English and integrates easily to the MyStage karaoke app. Magic Sing is the best home karaoke machine for use. Start singing with all your family and friends with Magic Sing karaoke. 

Subscribe to the Magic Sing Karaoke app to sing Tagalog songs, Hindi songs, Spanish songs, & more! 

Click here for a list of songbooks available with a Magic Sing subscription. 

Click here to learn how to access more songs. 

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