Connect MyStage with Magic Sing Home Karaoke Machine

The Magic Sing E1, E2, and E5 comes with the 10,000+ English songs.  Add and connect the MyStage® karaoke app to sing an additional 250,000+ songs at the comfort of your home with all your family and friends.

Benefits to connecting the MyStage karaoke app to your Magic Sing home karaoke machine. 
✪ Sing and access over 250,000 karaoke songs in 14 different languages
✪ Control, customize, and adjust instrumentals of each songs (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drum, String, and Brass)
✪ Change your songs music by adjusting the music volume, melody, tempo, key, and voice
✪ Create your own playlists and save all your favorite songs
✪ Christian gospel songs available
✪ Easily find and queue songs by typing or searching with voice recognition
✪ Music notes are readily available for you to use and learn to play your favorite songs
✪ Sing along to all your kids' songs
✪ Romanization for Korean and Mandarin songs makes it easier for you to follow along 
✪ Easily integrate the MyStage app to Magic Sing home karaoke system (E1, E2, E5)