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MyStage Karaoke app by US Karaoke compatible with MagicSing Everyone has a song in their heart, we just let them sing it

Most of us hear music from the moment we are born. Music is always around us and is heard throughout many of the most important occasions in our lives, from birthdays to graduations to weddings. There is something about music that seems to bring us closer to each other and help us come together as a community.
MyStage Karaoke app with karaoke songs available in Tagalog, Ilocano, Hindi, and more

Be your own star and set your stage with MyStage®

Discover your undying passion for singing with the official MyStage karaoke app. The MyStage app provides the highest quality MIDI format karaoke songs for all of your karaoke desires. US Karaoke is proud to be able to work alongside Entermedia to provide our customers in America with the newest and fastest karaoke content. Enjoy endless hours of karaoke fun with access to our immense music database. Sing and access over 250,000 karaoke songs in English, Korean, Filipino, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, German, Thai, Russian, Turkish, and Mongolian. 
Easily connect your MyStage karaoke app with any of the new Magic Sing home karaoke systems. The QR scanning function makes it easy for you to sing all your favorite songs at the comfort of your home with all your family and friends. 

Sing Along with Magic Sing Karaoke

Magic Sing karaoke machines are the best for home use. Get singing with your friends and family with any Magic Sing karaoke machine. Get your hands on the best karaoke machine on the market. 
US Karaoke is the official Magic Sing importer and distributor in the United States. We are located and operating in Anaheim, CA. Magic Sing karaoke, manufactured by Entermedia, is a simple, compact and advanced karaoke entertainment system. Easily plug it in your TV and start singing all your favorite karaoke songs. Magic Sing karaoke products are ideal for parties with friends and family. 
Our vision is to utilize the karaoke technologies we have to bring families and friends together to further enrich their happiness by providing excellent karaoke entertainment systems.We strongly believe that quality customer service is one of the most important elements of a successful business. Our Magic Sing technician specialists will provide in-house service and repair for all Magic Sing karaoke devices. Since we are a top tier Magic Sing distributor, we can guarantee the lowest prices and the largest selection of Magic Sing products available. 
US Karaoke warehouse located in Anaheim, CA
With over a decade worth of experience in distributing electronic goods, US Karaoke has proven to be a valuable option for consumers in the United States. 
Whether you are a small retail store or a partner who wants to further expand their business options for their evolving customers, US Karaoke is an essential partner that delivers excellent services and products with flexible solutions. We are  constantly looking for great candidates in pursuit of a career and growth. Inquiries regarding wholesale opportunities should email magicsing@uskaraoke.com. 
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US Karaoke warehouse located in Anaheim, CA