How-To Connect MyStage® to your Magic Sing Home Karaoke

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The Magic Sing E1, E2, and E5 comes with the 12,000+ English/American songs.  Add and integrate the MyStage® karaoke app to sing and access 250,000+ songs at the comfort of your home with all your family and friends.


Welcome to MyStage® by USKaraoke

Today I will be teaching you how to connect the MyStage app with your Magic Sing home devices.

First, download the MyStage® app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

To connect the app with one of the Magic Sing E-series, turn on your Magic Sing main unit and hold the power button on the microphone to get started.

Go back to your phone and launch the MyStage® app and locate the configuration page.

On the configuration page, find the QR Code section and click on “Scan QR Code”.

Use the app to scan the QR Code Displayed on your tv screen on the bottom right-hand corner and TADA you’re connected! 

Now, select the songlist of your choice and gain access to over 250,000 songs

Click on the small black microphone icon next to your song and your song will show on your tv screen.

Have fun using the MyStage® app by US Karaoke with your home devices! 

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