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While most of us are pretty awful singers and struggle to sing in tune, it doesn’t matter how limited your vocal range is when you’re singing karaoke with MyStage. MyStage makes it easy for you to adjust the key, tempo, and echo. Now you can sing all those Mariah Carey songs you could never sing!

Singers that looking to practice singing with little to no volume can easily adjust the volume of the karaoke songs. Adjust the melody to your liking and use it as a singing guidance.

Musicians looking to practice playing their instrument can adjust (and mute) the volume of specific instruments (string, brass, piano, guitar, bass, and drums) being played with the karaoke song. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Use MyStage Sheet Music to practice and follow along our karaoke songs. Most of the available karaoke songs have sheet music. When users adjust the key or tempo of the song, the sheet music will adjust accordingly. 

MyStage by US Karaoke app


MyStage is a non-recurring subscription based service. There are no hidden fees and no auto-payment.

Sing up to 3 karaoke songs per day for free. Get your premium stage pass and get unlimited singing access to MyStage. Create your stage name and start singing today!


Download the app:

MyStage karaoke app by us karaoke



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