5 Incredible Reasons to Sing!

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1. Singing is a great workout!

Have you ever realized that after belting out one of your favorite songs, you seem to be out of breath? That’s because you’re using your lungs to control your breathing and pace as you sing! Using singing techniques and getting a good workout in means, not only stronger lungs, but also a stronger diaphragm and overall circulation! Singing even helps you stand up straighter as you expand your chest to belt out those high notes and straighten your back and shoulders! 

Credit: https://takelessons.com/live/singing/health-benefits-of-singing

2. Singing can help relieve stress

After a long day of school or work, sometimes you just want to jump into the shower and sing like nobody can hear you. Listening to music can calm a person down and create a distraction from the daily stress, but when someone is overthinking, even music can be blocked out. But when someone is singing, it shifts our minds and our bodies naturally release endorphins, which lightens the mood and you can sing (or shout) away all that stress and feel more relaxed!

Credit: http://www.anxietydisordertreatmentarizona.com/blog/anxiety/power-music-1-singing-helps-reduce-anxiety/

3. Singing can boost your confidence!

Imagine standing in front of a classroom for a presentation.You’re filled with anxiety and can’t seem to calm down.Now, don’t break into song and dance in front of your class because singing relieves stress; stage fright is only natural, but what better way to overcome that than practicing singing in front of your family and friends? Whether you think you’re good or bad at singing, it definitely lightens the mood and makes everyone around you happy and feel great! Seeing your family and friends clap, cheer and laugh with you as you sing like you’re performing in front of thousands of people, will make you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence. Your family and friends’ support just may be the key to your confidence boost in any sort of presentation. 

Credit: http://www.wellnessbin.com/boost-your-self-confidence-by-singing-your-heart-out-in-public/

4. Singing can help you sleep better

This doesn’t mean you should be singing before you fall asleep in bed, but rather, it means that singing exercises can help those of you who are chronic snorers or have sleep apnea! Snoring can actually be caused by weak muscles in the throat and the soft palate in most adults. The only way you can strengthen that is to do some singing exercises to strengthen those muscles or play a wind instrument, but let’s use the instrument you were born with. Even though the results of the singing exercises may differ from person to person, it’s free, easy, inexpensive, and has no negative side effects, so why don’t you give it a try!

Credit: https://www.usa.philips.com/c-m-hs/better-sleep-breathing-blog/better-sleep/singing-the-key-to-stop-snoring

5. Singing can boost your memory!

Studies have shown that singing can actually be beneficial in improving memory! Have you noticed that sometimes its easier to memorize songs than it is to study for a test? This might be because the rhyming words and playful rhythm of a song is easier to remember because you are tapping into the right side of your brain, which deals with pattern recognition. So, basically, singing can help you become a more effective problem-solver! If that isn’t enough, try memorizing a new song; this will boost the level of acetylcholine, which is associated with memory in your brain. So, singing new songs will improve your memory and it will make you a happier person in the process!

Credit: https://lifehacker.com/boost-your-brain-and-memory-by-singing-1001551463 


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